We create opportunities for disadvantaged children to learn and develop through play & pray. 

why play?

Play unlocks essential skills
Play boosts wellbeing for life
Play is for everyone, everywhere 


We work in disadvantaged communities, focusing on enhancing children's learning, development and access to education through play. We take an innovative child-centred approach to education and use the power of play to transform the lives of children through our play programmes.

We are going to use game and sports to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the community where Gospel had not yet reach with the traditional methods of evangelism. Game and sports for Gospel Ministry and mental health programme that aims to improve the psychosocial wellbeing and mental health of vulnerable youth who are in and out of school.

Sports have many benefits if we build a comprehensive, accessible and inclusive community sport system through volunteers.

Improving health and wellbeing Sport can help make people healthier by keeping young people active and healthy, making right decisions using sport help to reduce health risk behaviour, enhancing mental health and promoting healthy aging.

Engaging Adult and Women in mission will build a stronger and more inclusive communities participation and strengthening the gospel ministry in Uganda, promoting environmental sustainability, awareness and stewardship, providing a platform for social mobilization and making ministry more sustainable in Uganda and the world.

We work with some of the most vulnerable children and communities in Jinja District, supporting children living in extreme poverty and those experiencing danger, displacement, on streets ,conflict and humanitarian disasters.

We work with children, parents, caregivers, teachers, community leaders and NGOs/CSO/FBO  to highlight the importance of play and enable them to integrate play-based initiatives for enhanced education, health and development outcomes.


 We believe through play; children build five flexible skills that help them take on the future with confidence I.e.  1. Physical skills     2. Social skills           3. Emotional skills 4. Cognitive skills    5. Creative skills

Sports brings people together, regardless of their age group, tribal or religious background. Football brings together even hostile groups. People play, laugh and celebrate together. We combine the two most beautiful things in life.

Through play, children flex and find their way. Instead of noting down rigid facts and figures, they hone ways of thinking, creating, working together and testing ideas. All skills they'll need to thrive throughout their lives.

So, the sooner we bring learning through play into every home and classroom, the sooner we help our children get set for tomorrow. Whatever tomorrow looks like.

Game Connect Africa Uganda believe Children learn best through play. It's an essential part of their development. But not every child gets the time and chance to play in the rural areas of Uganda as he or she may deserve. That's where we come into partner with parents, schools and other stakeholders to make learning through play a priority for children in Jinja District. 

This is our story

Game Connect Africa  is not for profit organization made up of many different young men and women , working together for a shared purpose to  create a peace a world  through sports. 

We use a 'sport for development' approach as a means to achieving sustainable social change.








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